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It is said in Africa that  'One drop of rain raises the pond.' 

We need you to help this 'pond' become a lake.

Every penny donated goes to the project to help change a child's life forever. 


~ Building Schools ~ Giving Hope ~

School for Uganda   Manx Registered Charity No. 976

Who we are.

School for Uganda is a small charity registered in the Isle of Man. (Reg. No.976)

The initial roots of this project, and indeed the charity, lie within an educational linking project between the two schools. Foxdale Primary School, Isle of Man (International School Award October 2007- 2013) & Good Hope School, Namungoona, Uganda.

As a primary school teacher here in the Isle of Man I started the charity as it became evident that the magnitude of the project I wanted to run was beyond the remit of a small primary school to continue with, and whilst the educational linking element was maintained for a period between children in Ballasalla Primary School, Isle of Man and Hope and Joy Primary and Nursery School, Serrinya, Uganda, all other elements of the project are held by the charity independently of any Manx school. 

Our aim is to provide infrastructure and support for the children, widows and orphans of Uganda helping them to achieve an education. It is our intention to give the gift of hope to children and families for building a future based on being able to access education and skills training.

All donations go directly to the projects and none is 'creamed off' for salaries or payments to the people running the charity.

It is said in Africa that 'one drop of rain raises the pond' - if we all added our 'drop' maybe that pond could become a lake. How good would that be!

Change a life forever by helping with the project in any way you can. Contact Elizabeth today to find out more.

Information last updated: December 2020

Plans for the 5 acre site were drawn and approved. 

University class

The roof was raised on the first block of four classrooms.

Now, following a catastrophic decision made by the headteacher which saw all the previous structures demolished in 2019, the re-building of the school has begun .


In Serinya, Wakiso :

Hope and Joy Nursery and Primary School

In Kakiri:

Youth Empowerment Centre

In Fort Portal :

Widows and orphans

Ugandan syllabus

Lessons are taught in Lugandan to the youngest children then in English and Swahili as the students get older. The school follows the required syllabus set down by the Ugandan government.

Youth Empowerment Centre

This is an exciting new project which is situated in Kakiri. It aims to provide opportunities to young people who have either been unable to access training or education, or who need to have support in transferring their skills in to practically starting their own businesses.

For more details of this project please contact Albert Kakama directly either by email: or by calling him on +256701380839 or +256771872284

Widows have a safe home

Widow Khadija was living in a house that was about to collapse. School for Uganda built her a new house and here she is, 11 years later still safe in her house and still earning her living from making and selling baskets.

Stories of lives changed...

The students

The students come from the surrounding villages - many of them are orphaned. Their drive and passion to achieve an education is immense and they take huge pride in being able to study. For many it will be the difference between life and death, for a young person with an education has a greater chance to eventually achieve a job that will be able to feed his or her family. We will bring you individual stories of young people and their families as the years pass and we are able to discover the difference that accessing an education has made to their lives.


Children and families have accessed free dental care when a dental mission visited Hope and Joy school. We hope that this is something that can be repeated in the future.


These twins want to become engineers - it is their dream to return something to their community.


Children learn about agriculture and animal husbandry as a part of their curriculum. These skills can help them to go on to get a job caring for animals as well as caring well for their own animals in order to feed their families.


One of these girls, Catherine,  lost her mother in a tragic accident. She was able to achieve sponsorship through her next year at Hope and Joy School and is reported to be an excellent student who is making good progress. 


A drink of water from the roof harvester - safer than from a pond or ditch.


Goats provide a good source of protein but they sometimes eat the matoke plants!


The young man who dug the well was able to feed his family with the money he earned, another of the building firm's employees was able to purchase a bicycle which made accessing work much easier for him because he could travel more easily.


The dental mission from Port Erin in the Isle of Man made a difference to the lives of many - they treated all who came free of charge and saw adults as well as children.


Children are happy to wash their lunchtime plates - it means that they and their friends have eaten some nourishing food that day.